Supporters raise over $100K so evicted WWII vet can get his home back (VIDEO)

A 90-year-old World War II veteran, who – while lying on a stretcher – was escorted out of his Buffalo home of nearly 60 years over the summer by police officers after being evicted, has gotten his home back thanks to the support of people across the country.

While caring for his ailing wife who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, Johnnie Hodges fell more than $100,000 behind on mortgage payments and property liens. Hodges never asked for help and, in fact, his children were not even aware of his dire financial situation until it was too late. Others offered assistance to Hodges as well, but he refused it all.

Sometime since summer, however, Hodges changed his attitude toward accepting help and after over 2,000 people – the majority of whom are complete strangers – contributed more than $110,000 to a Go Fund Me account, Hodges will be headed back to his house soon.

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