Town's stolen machine gun recovered on Veterans Day (VIDEO)

South Milford, Indiana had a machine gun displayed downtown for 92-years until it was the victim of a smash and grab burglary.

The dewatted Colt 1895 potato-digger had been on public display inside a glass case since just after the end of World War I, when it had been set up along with some earlier cannon balls to commemorate the service of local veterans in the Great War.

However an enterprising crook by the name of Jason T. Saam decided to yank the Colt from its display, busting the windows that protected it, and vanished into the night with his new found collectible on Oct. 29.

Arrested in a nearby town for attempting to steal sculptures from the town green, authorities soon confronted Saam on the machine gun theft to which he came clean saying he took it due to “some issues in his life.”

LaGrange County Sheriff Jeff Campos brought the machine gun and cannonballs back to town on Wednesday where they will be returned to display.

“To do this on Veterans Day, to bring this gun back to home to where it belongs and back to the veterans of LaGrange County and South Milford, it’s a great feeling,” Campos said. “When you talk about something that gives you chills, it’s something like this.”

[ WANE ]

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