Air Force base bomb plot busted by strip club employee (VIDEO)

When 54-year-old John Clendening recently came to Oklahoma City’s Midway Island Club and started talking about using an IED near the chemical storage facilities at Tinker Air Force Base to blow up the place, the doorman at the strip club decided it was time to alert authorities.

The doorman, who did not want to be identified and said he was only “trying to keep the community safe,” explained to the police the bizarre and in-depth details Clendening told him. Clendening was later arrested following a traffic stop, but adamantly denies ever talking about such things with the strip club employee.

A search of Clendening’s home revealed no type of explosive devices either, but his roommate, Steven Houston, said Clendening “needs help.” Houston said he moved in to help out Clendening, who he believes has mental health issues. He said Clendening was seeking revenge against the Air Force base, where he was formerly employed as a painter, because he says they caused him liver damage.

Currently, Clendening remains in jail on suspicion of making a bomb threat.

[ KOCO ]

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