Hitler reacts to the news Glock isn't making RTF2 anymore (VIDEO)

Hitler's Reaction to Gen4 Glocks, the .45 ACP, and Americans

Hitler's Reaction after he finds out Glock no longer makes the Glock RTF2

Posted by Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Colion Noir just dropped a rehash of the Hitler meltdown scene in which der fuhrer looses his sheisse when he finds out Glock has finally pulled the plug on RTF2.

The film replicates a popular internet meme, subtitling a clip from the 2004 film Der Untergang, or Downfall, which has kinda jumped the shark but is still funny in this case when it comes to the discontinuation of the “overly aggressive” RTF2 texture that pre-dated the Gen 4 Glocks.

Some of the last made were a limited run last November of Gen 3 RTF2 Frame G17 and 19’s in flat dark earth produced in conjunction with Vickers and Lipseys. We’re guessing the Reich didn’t get in on that buy.

And the, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t know about your Smith and Wesson Sigma,” gag is priceless.

That wacky dictator.

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