Australian Senator: 'We are a nation of victims' (VIDEO)

Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm recently criticized Hilary Clinton’s notion that America could benefit from Australian-style gun control.

Leyonhjelm told NRA News commentator Ginny Simone he was horrified by Clinton’s comments. He said he does not believe Australia is the model that should be used, and in fact, “It’s not something that any country should contemplate, completely disarming the population.”

Leyonhjelm said rather than a decrease in crime, the country has seen an increase, and that the black market for illegal guns is bigger than it has ever been.

“We are a nation of victims,” he told Simone.

“It doesn’t matter what the circumstances. It doesn’t matter how big the threat. You cannot defend yourself,” Leyonhjelm reiterated.

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