Home demo via APC, BMG and high explosives (VIDEO)

FPS Russia and Richard Ryan showed a house slated for demo “what’s business” by teaming up with an explosives expert and tapping in some Eastern European armor.

The team first brought out a belt-fed M2 to do some .50 caliber ventilation, then called in Bonetti Explosives to de-roof the house itself– while the team sat in the living room buttoned up inside a Yugoslav BVP M-80 armored vehicle. The BVP is kinda like a U.S. Bradley M1, only way more Yugo-like.

There are so many movie send ups hidden in the clip. Everything from the Marharetti scene from Inglourious Basterds to the malfunctioning detonator in the Dark Knight to, well, we’ll just let you figure out the rest on your own.

If this is the new standard of destruction that YouTube gun videos has reached, Michael Bay should start his own channel.

Oh yeah, and don’t try this at home.

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