Milwaukee sheriff hands out parking ticket… to himself (VIDEO)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says just because he’s the top cop in the county, doesn’t mean he’s above the law, and when he discovered he accidentally left his vehicle parked in a handicapped parking spot at the War Memorial during a Veteran’s Day event, he promptly issued himself a citation.

Clarke admits to parking his car in the space when he arrived, but said he asked an officer to move it to another location. For reasons that are not known at this time, that officer failed to move the vehicle as instructed. Still, when Clarke realized the car was not moved, he called for a citation to be written.

“The rules are the same for my squad car as any car except in an emergency or official business, but not in a handicap area,” Clarke said in a statement, adding that it was “inexcusable.”

Clarke opted to pay $35 of the $200 ticket and give a “personal donation to an organization that works with the disabled” in the amount of $200, noting that he “would rather the money go to a private organization [sic] working with the disabled than to government.”

Clarke said he is looking into why the vehicle wasn’t moved as he instructed, but realizes that regardless, the responsibility was his own.

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