Dash cam captures moments deputy gets shot in bulletproof vest (VIDEO)

Authorities in Florida recently released the dash cam footage showing the dramatic shootout between a robbery suspect and Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies on Oct. 24.

Deputy Josh Gordon was shot in the chest during the shootout, only to have his bulletproof vest absorb the impact of the bullet. Even after being shot, Gordon could be seen retrieving a rifle from the trunk of his patrol car in an effort to stop 25-year-old Timothy Thomas, but moments later, Gordon struggles to keep his composure as he winces in pain.

Thomas led authorities on a pursuit – both before and after the shootout – but was eventually apprehended and charged with attempted murder of a police officer, four felony counts of possessing a weapon as a convicted felon, one felony count of property damage of more than $1,000, one felony count of burglary and two misdemeanor counts of altering a firearm serial number. Thomas, who claims the deputies fired at him first, is being held without bond.

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