Police called out over reporter's camera tripod mistaken for machine gun

Police called out over reporters camera tripod

Everyone was chill enough to take a group photo afterward to remember the occasion. And seriously, how many spare mags does that motor cop carry? (Photo: Facebook)

A photographer for the local paper ended up the target of a police dragnet after a concerned citizen thought her camera equipment was select-fire.

The photojournalist, working for the Reading Eagle in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was taking a few shots for an upcoming piece on a local company when police rushed in and searched the building, floor by floor, until they confirmed she was armed with nothing more than a camera tripod and shutterbug gear.

As reported by LancasterOnline, police were following up on a call of a person with a machine gun.

“The citizen who reported this was doing what every citizen should do ALL the time — be vigilant and report suspicious activity,” said Lancaster Police Lt. Todd Umstead.

[ LancasterOnline ]

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