TSA to 5-year-old: Sorry kid, that Buzz Lightyear toy looks too much like a gun

A little boy’s first trip to Disney World was essentially ruined after TSA agents at the Fort Lauderdale airport confiscated his beloved souvenir – a Buzz Lightyear toy – because it looked too much like a real gun.

David and Levi Zilka, of Pennsylvania, only packed carry-ons for the quick trip to the happiest place on earth, which only made the situation worse since, per TSA regulations, all replica firearms – even those of the Disney variety – must be checked. Since the father and son had no checked luggage, the toy, which little Levi’s uncle bought for him, had to go in the trash.

“We understand that things are scary out there right now, but taking a toy from a 5-year-old doesn’t enhance national security,” said David. “It was all I could do not to break down with him in that moment.”

And once little Levi realized what was happening, that’s exactly what he did – broke down and bawled. But hey, at least everyone aboard the plane was safer for the duration of the flight thanks to the thoroughness of the TSA.

[ WWMT ]

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