Purse thief chased down by angry crowd, armed woman (VIDEO)

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A man who snatched an elderly woman’s purse at a Bellmead, Texas, Walmart Friday afternoon didn’t make such a quick and easy get-away thanks to a crowd who chased him down while waiting for police to respond.

Andre Dawson, 27, grabbed the 85-year-old woman’s purse while she was shopping with a friend, but when witnesses realized what happened and saw the man quickly walking away while clutching the handbag, they took action, followed him and eventually wrestled him to the ground.

Meanwhile, witnesses with cell phones captured video of the altercation between the purse snatcher and the angry mob.

Dawson was able to free himself and fled for a second time, but by then an armed citizen had joined the group and fired a single shot at him. The woman missed, but the sound of the gunshot was apparently enough to scare Dawson so badly that he tripped as he tried to flee.

A group of men continued to chase Dawson and a short time later police arrived and apprehended him outside of a nearby bank.

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