'Darth Vader' robs Jacksonville store (VIDEO)

A man dressed in a Darth Vader costume attempted to rob a Jacksonville, Florida, convenience store Sunday, but was foiled by the clerk who fought back with a wine bottle.

Witnesses said Vader, who was actually identified as 32-year-old Jacob Jeremy Mercer, walked into the store and demanded cash from the clerk.

“We looked at each other for a couple of seconds it was a little scary,” a man who only wanted to be identified as Ricardo told reporters following the robbery.

Mercer wasn’t armed with a Lightsaber, but rather a handgun. The clerk didn’t have a weapon, but grabbed the next best thing – a wine bottle – and threw it at Mercer, hitting him in the face. Ricardo said he saw Mercer run out of the store with a bloody face, jump into a vehicle and speed off before hitting a stop sign.

Authorities later caught up with Mercer and he was taken into police custody.

No other injuries were reported.

[ First Coast News ]

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