Soldier's stolen gun returned to him after 5 years (VIDEO)

A U.S. soldier who recently served in South Korea received an unexpected phone call shortly after returning to the States informing him that authorities recovered a handgun stolen from him five years ago.

Sgt. Brandon Fuller said there was a series of break-ins in Lawton, Oklahoma during that time and the one time he left his Glock 9mm in his car unsecured was when it was stolen.

“Then they turn around and use my gun to go to a nightclub and shoot up a bunch of vehicles and stole more things from more people,” Fuller recalled. “I just felt absolutely terrible. That was the worst thing that could’ve happened to responsible gun owner.”

Fuller was in Hawaii when authorities initially contacted him after they arrested a man who was carrying his missing Glock, but stringent gun laws and massive amounts of red tape made it near impossible to get his gun back while still in the state. But when Fuller went to Colleyville, Texas, to get married, he discovered his long, lost gun was being shipped there instead.

Fuller said he’s elated to have his gun back and likened it to finding a $500 bill.

“I’m sure she’s been in bad hands and doing bad things,” he noted. “She’s gonna go back to Glock and get maintenance done on her and hopefully one day, when I’m done with the service, I’ll be a police officer myself and I would like to use my pistol as my service pistol. I think that would be justice served.”


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