Suspect robs stores with big brush (VIDEO)

Authorities are searching for the man responsible for robbing two convenience stores with a very large brush in Thunder Bay, Ontario, early Saturday morning.

“He had a snowbrush and threatened the employees and demanded money,” explained Thunder Bay Police spokeswoman Const. Julie Tilbury. “He was able to get away with a small quantity of cash.”

No one was injured during either robbery, and despite the suspect’s unusual choice, Tilbury said weapons come in all forms.

“In reality, any type of violence, which is basically what a robbery is – it’s a theft with violence – whether it be a threat or a physical act, a weapon is a weapon, whatever they choose to use,” Tilbury explained.

“Any time violence is threatened on a person they have to perceive what the threat is to themselves. So we should take these incidents seriously because you never know what the motivation of the suspect is,” added Tilbury.

Tilbury said that while the typical weapons used in robberies are guns and knives, syringes are common as well.

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