Here's 30 minutes of the Army's latest M4 training films (VIDEOS)

Fort Benning’s Army Marksmanship Unit has put out a good series of “Shooter’s Corner” training drills for the M4 series in the past few weeks and they aren’t that bad.

In each, SSG Andrew McElroy of the AMU discusses of the M4 in detail. If you doubt his creds as a shooter and soldier, he picked up the President’s Hundred tab in 2014 to add to the CIB and Bronze Star he earned with the Rangers in Afghanistan.

-Part 1 shows weapon safety and manipulation.
-Part 2 covers the three firing positions (standing, kneeling and prone).
-Part 3 goes over sight alignment and trigger control.
-Part 4 shows the proper technique for zeroing the M-4, which matches the point of aim with the point of impact.
-Part 5 goes into more detail on minutes of angle and the types of sights and optics commonly used.

In all, its not a bad way to kill a half hour of your time and you’ll likely pick up at least one new tid bit of information that you didn’t already know.

Besides, in another couple decades when the military finally switches to laser blasters these vids will be vintage so it wouldn’t hurt to download them while you can and be the cool kid on the block for throwback Thursday in 2035.

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