Terror drill incites panic, fear in unsuspecting university students

A mock drill at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya, Monday morning created mass panic among the university’s students, most of whom apparently weren’t aware that the drill was being conducted.

The university created a Facebook post the night before giving students a heads-up about the planned drill, but the post apparently went unseen by the vast majority of the university’s some 5,000 students. As gunshots rang out, several students sustained injuries while trying to escape from the perceived terror.

Meanwhile, social media lit up with reports of gunfire before officials confirmed it was only a drill. Local residents captured photos of panic-stricken students desperate to get away from the gunshots, a number of which could be seen hanging from windows. Others tromped through a nearby creek to get away, the fear clearly seen on their faces.

Eventually, messages were sent out via social media – again – confirming that the incident was just a drill, although it’s unclear how many of the students who were running for their lives stopped to check their Facebook feeds.

“It was a mock exercise,” Japheth Koome, the capital’s police commander, later said. “We wanted to check on alertness of emergency services.”

[ Independent ]

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