Some Eastern European range time with the Bulgarian Makarov (VIDEO)

Hickok45 shows up with a 9x18m Makarov PM, in its Bulgarian production variant, and proceeds to ring steel and smoke pots.

In 1951, the Soviet Army needed a replacement for their 7.62x25mm TT33 Tokarev pistol and remaining Nagant revolvers. They chose a redesign of the German Walther PP. The Walther, known today as James Bond’s signature hogleg, was usually chambered in relatively puny .32ACP. Later Walthers came upgraded in 9x17mm (.380ACP) which the Soviets liked better, but still wasn’t enough. The next logical step was to make their own 9x18mm round, midway between a .380 and a 9mm Luger.

Adopted in this pistol, the round is now commonly known by the name of the pistol designed to fire it—Nikolay Makarov’s blowback action PM pistol. The standard handgun of the Soviet Army and many of its allies for more than 40-years, the Makarov has been imported into the US for generations.

Including a good number of Bulgarians variants.

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