South African motorcycle cops don't play around (VIDEO)

Just another day for our Law enforcement members! This member went above and beyond to make sure he got his suspect! Awesome (FPV) First person viewer footage…And you thought your job was hectic!

Posted by Intelligence Bureau SA on Thursday, December 3, 2015

In a video released by Intelligence Bureau SA, you get a first-person view of a three-minute motorcycle chase involving a magazine’s worth of gun play.

Sure, the gun play is one-sided, but the South African Police Service officer riddles the fleeing car with a fair bit of 9mm– just to end up with an empty weapon when he finally encounters the stopped suspects on foot. Nonetheless, the SAPS bikee bluffs it out like a champ and gasses the sidearm back up after the passenger is taken into custody by Klipgat SAPS. The driver, however, made a quick getaway on foot, which we don’t advise you to do around South African police.

Here in the states, officers worry about Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985), but we guess the laws in SA are a bit different.

If you are curious about the piece, it’s a Beretta PX4 Storm with a rail-mounted light and lanyard. The PX4 recently replaced the Vektor Z88, which itself was a South African-made clone of the Beretta 92 series pistol.

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