George Zimmerman tweets nude pics of ex-girlfriend

George Zimmerman nude photos

George Zimmerman nude photos

Nothing says, “I hate you. It’s over,” like posting nude photos of your ex-lover on social media, but for George Zimmerman, who did just that on Thursday, the little fiasco could land him in legal trouble… again.

Zimmerman, who is apparently no longer dating a woman by the name of Heather, posted the revenge porn pics with accusations that the woman cheated on him with a “dirty Muslim,” and stole a gun and money from him. Heather, whose contact info Zimmerman publicly displayed as well, has not yet commented on those accusations.

“Zimmerman’s publication of the victim’s personal information like her phone number and email address suggest an intention to incite third parties to contact this woman in a sort of harassment-by-proxy scenario,” said Carrie Goldberg with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative. “Not only could he be arrested criminally, but this behavior makes a strong case for the victim to obtain an order of protection from family court.”

Zimmerman’s Twitter account has seen been disabled – by Twitter, not @TherealGeorgeZ.

[ New York Daily News ]

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