Missouri lawmaker seeks to make guns as difficult to get as abortions

A Missouri representative proposed a bill that if passed would subject gun buyers to the same restrictions as a woman wanting an abortion, a procedure also protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Democratic state Rep. Stacey Newman, whose district is just outside of St. Louis, pre-filed House Bill 1397 on Tuesday.

The measure would require potential gun buyers to undergo a 72-hour waiting period, find a dealer within 120 miles of their legal residence, talk to a doctor about possible risks and risk factors, and sign a written statement that they understand the “physical, psychological or situational factors” of buying a gun.

Also, the buyer must watch “a 30-minute video on fatal firearm injuries” that has been approved by the state’s Department of Public Safety before the purchase.

“If we truly insist that Missouri cares about ‘all life’, then we must take immediate steps to address our major cities rising rates of gun violence,” she said.

Republican state Sen. Brian Munzlinger, a pro-gun lawmaker, told The Columbia Tribune that there is no reason to tie the two issues together.

“It is apples and oranges,” he said. “There is no correlation between them.”

However, Newman introduced the bill to point out the contradictions by her conservative cohorts who fight to loosen restrictions for one Constitutionally protected right and heavily regulate another.

““Popular proposals among voters, including universal background checks and restricting weapons from abuser and convicted felons, are consistently ignored each session,” Newman told St. Louis Magazine. “Since restrictive policies regarding a Constitutionally protected medical procedure are the GOP’s legislative priority each year, it makes sense that their same restrictions apply to those who may commit gun violence.”

Missouri’s legislative session is scheduled to start on Jan. 6, 2016.

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