NRA: No, Mr. President, the NRA is not to blame

Chris Cox, the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action's executive director.

Chris Cox, the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action’s executive director.

The head of the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, Chris Cox, penned an editorial directed at President Obama who says gun control legislation could prevent future mass killings and other gun violence. The NRA disagrees.

Just when we think that politics can’t sink any lower,President Obama once again proves us wrong by politicizing the tragedy in San Bernardino before the facts were even known. What we do know is that theAmerican people are heartbroken by these horrific crimes — and despite what the president would have us believe — America’s law-abiding gun owners are heartbroken by these horrific crimes as well. At the same time, we are sick and tired of this president suggesting the men and women of the National Rifle Association are somehow to blame.

The National Rifle Association is not to blame. Neither is our Second Amendment freedom. An act of evil unfolded in California. President Obama used it not as a moment to inform or calm the American people; rather, he exploited it to push his gun control agenda. Policy discussions should be intellectually honest and based on facts, not politics. And the fact remains that California has already adoptedPresident Obama’s gun control wish list: “universal” background checks, registration, waiting periods, gun bans, magazine bans and an expansion of prohibited gun categories. But those laws did nothing to prevent this horrific crime from taking place. Nothing.

Read the full piece at USA Today.

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