Burglar beats man with a stick before getting chest full of lead

A suspected burglar is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds after he was shot by a man he attacked in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans Saturday night.

Authorities say the suspect, who was later identified as Jordan Lowe, was breaking into cars shortly before 11 p.m. Before coming in contact with the armed homeowner, Lowe allegedly entered a woman’s unlocked car as she sat inside the parked car texting. But as soon as Lowe was in the vehicle, the woman quickly threw the car in reverse, causing Lowe to fall out, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Minutes later, Lowe tried to break into another nearby vehicle when that vehicle’s owner saw him and confronted the man. Lowe, who the man described as acting erratic, didn’t take too kindly to the confrontation and apparently began beating the 62-year-old man with a large stick.

The man retreated inside his home for safety, but when Lowe followed him inside, the homeowner retrieved a gun and shot the suspect twice, causing him to withdrawal.

Lowe, who was shot in the chest and abdomen, was last listed in stable condition. The homeowner was reported to have suffered from bruising and received stitches for a cut he sustained during the altercation.

The homeowner doesn’t believe Lowe, who lives in Austin and was only in town visiting friends, is responsible for other area break-ins. Still, the incident left some neighbors feeling a little uneasy.

“For this to happen, is just really shocking and very scary,” said area resident Sonja Hartner.

Tonya Gatt said the incident, although out of the ordinary, is troubling.

Christian Aviles, who lives next to the victim and heard the men screaming at each other, said he is glad his neighbor was able to protect himself and his family.

The neighbors all said they will be extra vigilant in looking out for one another.

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