Family of carjacking victim being harassed via Facebook by jailed suspect (VIDEO)

A woman whose ex-boyfriend is in jail after he attacked and carjacked her is questioning how the man has access to social media – which he’s been using to contact her family – while in a Raymond, Mississippi, jail.

Pamela Owens was the victim of a carjacking at the hands of her former boyfriend, Antonio Yates, after the couple split up. Yates was jailed after the attack, but Owens said he is now harassing her family via social media – something which has her feeling more than uneasy.

Owens said Yates, who accused Owens of making up the entire carjacking story, contacted her sister just last week through Facebook.

“It’s very scary because he is locked up and still has access to out here,” Owens said, adding that she’s unsure if Yates has someone on the outside watching her.

It also appears that Yates is posting pictures from inside the detention facility.

Owens said she’s unsure where his thoughts are or what may be his intentions. Furthermore, she feels the suspect should not be allowed to have access to the victim or the victim’s family.

The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office has not commented on the inmates’ use of social media.

[ KSLA ]

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