Hide your guns in a garment bag

The HFT Garment bag.

The HFT Garment bag retails for $250.

“When it comes to guns, who steals clothes?” reads a new ad by Skinner Sights, LLC. The company is promoting gun case that looks like a garment bag.

“A unique way to economically and discreetly hide firearms from burglars is now just a closet away,” the company said in an announcement.

The bag is equipped with two removable handgun holsters, interior pockets for six handgun mags or four 30-round rifle mags, and a series of pockets big enough for items like knives, flashlights, valuable papers, extra ammo or small handguns.

The company said the logic behind the case is since burglaries are often “snatch and grab operations that last just a few minutes,” the garment bag hides guns in plain sight. “Ask yourself: Who steals clothes from a closet?” the company said.

The bag made out of 1,000-denier heavy-duty Cordura nylon and finished with heavy-duty zippers attached with heavy-duty thread and nylon webbing. The hanger is rated to at least 200 pounds and, like a “real” garment bag, it folds in half and has wrap-around handles for easy emergency evacuation if necessary.

And for further camouflage, the company suggests actually using it as a garment bag!

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