Debunking controllability problems in select-fire weapons (VIDEO)

Photographer Oleg Volk goes mythbusting on the familiar trope that full-auto firearms are uncontrollable, and proves it with an 8-year old ripping on a M249 SAW.

One of the most worn stereotypes on guns with fun buttons or belt-feeds is that they are dangerous on both sides of the muzzle due to the possibility of a run away weapon. Sort of how everyone that hasn’t fired a gun with a suppressor really thinks it’s going to sound just like it does in the movies.

Volk counter punches by showing both novice and experienced shooters rocking and rolling with a variety of Title II guns ranging from a sweet 9mm Sterling SMG (These are not the droids you are looking for) to, yes, a young lass on a SAW who has no problem chewing through a belt of 5.56 with a little training in a controlled environment.

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