Oral sex a factor in fatal hit and run (VIDEO)

A 54-year-old man with a history of arrests is facing some serious charges after a fatal hit and run in Polk County, Florida, Saturday, but the driver claims he never knew he hit a person because he was distracted by a female passenger who was performing oral sex on him at the time.

Terry Lamunt Ross, a 49-year-old homeless man who was riding a bicycle on the shoulder of the highway, died after being struck by Randy Joe Allen’s Ford F250. An eyewitness saw the accident and was able to provide police with detailed information about the truck, including a partial plate number, despite the fact that Allen took off after striking Ross.

Authorities later caught up with Allen at a local bar and found the truck parked outside, which showed damage consistent with the accident, including what appeared to be blood smears on the door.

While being questioned, Allen, who has seven prior arrests, including one for a DUI in 2008, told investigators the night of the accident he had been drinking at another bar and picked up a female. He acknowledged the accident, but said his female friend prevented him from seeing what he hit.

Investigators then located the female that was with Allen that night and she admitted to performing oral sex on him in the truck at the time of the accident. She explained that she was engaged in the activity when she felt a large bump in the truck, but Allen told her it was just a sign and she proceeded with the aforementioned activity.

Authorities said they have no reason to believe otherwise and feel the female passenger was unaware of what transpired. Allen, however, was arrested and charged with Leaving the Scene of a Crash with Death, with additional charges possible.

[ Orlando Sentinel ]

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