The Daily Show takes on 'Good Guy with a Gun' by trying to be one (VIDEO)

New York City resident and Daily Show commentator Jordan Klepper obtained a Florida CCW to become, what he calls, an “Idiot with a gun.”

In an attempt to test the validity of the concept of becoming a legal gun owner stopping an active shooter, Klepper took a one-day NRA Basic Pistol class and upped his skill set by attending another one-day active shooter class with ALERRT– and getting owned by an opposing force role players in the process, over and over.

Of course, it’s a Comedy Central show– the same network who made Amy Schumer a star– so Klepper was painfully tongue-in-cheek through the process from repeatedly arguing with the firearms instructor about following gun safety rules, to the obligatory tough guy talk and gangster-handgun grip, to mock cheating on the written test and falling to pieces like an 11-year-old airsofter during the simulations.

“Being a good guy with a gun was beginning to feel a lot more complicated than movies and television and politicians make it seem,” said Klepper at one point.

Correction: We’d like to qualify the above comment about prepubescent airsofters, as we did not intend to insult them with the comparison to Klepper’s self-defense skills. Odds are, they likely would have performed better under pressure.

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