Miculek runs a real firing version of Han Solo's blaster in the Kessel Run Drill (VIDEO)

With all things Star Wars this week, Jerry Miculek got his skilled mitts on a intact Mauser crafted to replicate Solo’s DL-44 blaster, and he makes it sing.

The gun uses a firing .30 Mauser (7.63×25 mm) C96, visually modified with a World War II-era German MG81 machine gun muzzle device and a Hensoldt & Wetzlar Ziel Dialyth 3X riflescope from the same era.

With it, Jerry runs the Kessel Run Drill in 0.8 seconds.

ICYMI, Bob Boyd ran an excellent piece on the DL-44 back in the Feb. 20, 2014 Shooting Illustrated for more on the gun itself.

And remember, “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

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