12-year-old popped for grand theft auto in Florida has 20 previous arrests (VIDEO)

Police in St. Petersburg report that a pre-teen youth who is well known to them was arrested Monday for stealing a car from an 89-year-old man.

As noted by authorities, Raymond Raftery pulled into a gas station last Friday and was told by a boy on a bicycle that his passenger tire was low. Taking the bait from the apparently helpful youth, Rafferty left his car to check on his ride and the moment he did the unidentified Sunshine State car bandit dropped his two-wheeler for a shot at the senior’s Toyota, driving off in it and leaving his bike at the scene along with a stunned Raftery, shown in the above surveillance video watching his car speed away.

The bandit was eventually captured by authorities who recognized him as apparently he is well known to them with a rap sheet of over 20 arrests that is made up of “mostly auto theft” but with the occasional robbery and burglary thrown in to spice things up. After all, kids are easily bored these days.

“Although we don’t have any other similar cases, we want the public to be aware of this latest auto theft scheme,” says a St. Petersburg Police spokesman.

[ St. Petersburg Police ]

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