Man pays speeding ticket with more than 18,000 pennies (VIDEO)

Irritated over having to pay a $187 speeding ticket, David Bautista, 34, showed up at the Pharr Municipal Court on Monday toting a backpack full of 18,800 pennies to pay his fine. However, not everyone was as amused as he was by his little prank.

While the court accepts cash – and change – for payments, they don’t take loose coins, only rolled coins. Bautista however went to an awful lot of trouble for his prank, first withdrawing $188 in pennies from the bank, then taking them home, individually unwrapping them all and dumping them into bags to place in his backpack, which he estimated weighed about 100 pounds.

But when Bautista started dumping the bags out in the payment slot, the court clerk turned him away and sent him to a nearby Walmart to have the coins rolled in a coin counting machine.

A few minutes later, Bautista returned, $20 shorter thanks to the fee from the coin counting machine, and paid his fine.

Bautista admitted that even though the prank cost him $20, it was well worth it.

[ Fox 25 ]

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