Throwback Thursday: 1960s Tommy gun toy commercial (VIDEO)

Back in the day, you could drop $3 and get a Tommy Burst Detective Set from Mattel that included a select-fire (replica) Thompson sub gun.

If you went all-in and dropped $7 you got all sorts of bonus gear and a snub-nosed 38.

They just don’t make em like this anymore and the set looks pretty swag for its day with the Shootin’ Shell .38 Detective’s special in a break away shoulder rig and fired some guaranteed-to-put-your-eye-out projectiles.

On the Tommy gun, the Burst feature allowed a roll of caps to be mowed through at speed, producing a decent cloud of Armstrong’s mixture stench that would today send Moms Demand Action into the immediate picket line.

The adjustable rear sights are sweet and we feel the fact kids can’t get this stuff today is a sure indicator of how fast we are all going to be speaking Chinese.

Bonus if you noticed the crook with the Walther P-38. Nothing says bad guy like a German 9mm, right?

You can tell it’s Mattel. It’s swell!

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