Footage released of ax-wielding UNT student shot by police (VIDEO)

Recently released dash cam footage shows the moments before a University of North Texas student was shot and killed by a police officer early Sunday morning.

Police received several calls about Ryan McMillan walking around with an ax and destroying property. McMillan, who had turned 21 the day prior to the incident, struck at least 10 cars with the ax.

When UNT police Cpl. Stephen Bean arrived on the scene, McMillan was still wielding the ax, approaching the officer as he repeated “shoot me” numerous times. Bean told McMillan at least half a dozen times to “back away,” but McMillan kept coming closer. Each time Bean told McMillan to back away, McMillan responded by telling the officer to shoot him.

As McMillan got closer, ax still in hand, Bean fired multiple shots, striking McMillan in the chest and abdomen. Even after the first shots are fired, McMillan, who later died, continues to repeat, “Shoot me.”

The investigation is ongoing.

[ Police One ]

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