Officer leaps onto moving semi to end pursuit (VIDEO)

Unbelievable video was captured of the moment a police sergeant in Norfolk, Nebraska, made a daring attempt to stop a semi truck by jumping onto the moving vehicle.

Officers had been in pursuit of the truck for 12 miles. Soon, it was close to entering an airport and other heavily populated areas, and Sgt. Volk made the split-second decision to jump onto the truck. He landed on the running boards then made his way into the cab of the truck, all while headed down the highway at about 25 miles per hour.

But once Sgt. Volk gained access to the cab, he realized the driver, who was slumped over, wasn’t trying to elude authorities at all. In fact, the driver had no control of his truck because he was diabetic and his blood sugar had dropped to a dangerously low level, causing him to be non-coherent.

Once the truck was stopped, the driver was taken to the hospital where he received a glucose shot and is expected to make a full recovery.

And about that daring jump…

“It was just one of those things we had to get done,” said Sgt. Volk said. “We needed to get that big rig.”

And get that big rig he did.

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