Gun dropped via drone into Canada's most violent prison

drone drops gun in prison

A drone was apparently used earlier this month to deliver a handgun into what is considered to be Canada’s most violent prison, but it wasn’t until a day after the alleged drop that authorities learned about it.

The S-2 sector of the Rivière-des-Prairies detention center in Montreal, which houses members of some of the country’s most notorious mafia, biker and street gangs, was placed on lockdown, with all of the inmates confined to their cells, as the Corrections Emergency Response Team (ECIU), whilst wearing bulletproof vests, underwent a massive and intensive search of the facility.

While delivery of prohibited contraband into prisons via drone is nothing new, authorities say the delivery of a weapon would be a first for Quebec.

Authorities have not indicated whether or not a gun was recovered.

[ La Presse ]

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