Outside groups bank on Bush, contribute more to his campaign than any other

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush (Photos: Getty)

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush (Photos: Getty)

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush may not be doing well in the polls, but outside interests are banking more than 100 million on his bid, much more than any other candidate in the race on both sides of the aisle.

Bush’s secretive super PAC, Right to Rise USA, which he created before launching his presidential campaign, has amassed a war chest close to double what the next candidate, Hillary Clinton, has raised.

Clinton’s largest donations, totaled at almost $77 million, have come through individual contributions large and small, according to federal filings. Add a meager $638,000 from her political action committee and the almost $280,000 of her own funds she’s put into her campaign, Clinton has a total of almost $98 million in the fight against whoever wins the Republican Party’s bid for the top seat in the nation.

If money’s any indicator, that candidate will be Bush.

Clinton’s total campaign funds still haven’t reached what Bush’s super PAC is spending on its own, let alone the additional $25 million his campaign committee has raised for a total of $128 million he’s raised so far for battle ahead of the 2016 election.

Clinton has outspent Bush by double, forking over almost $50 million in the name of her bid for the presidency, while Bush has only spent about $20 million.

Even GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson has spent more than Bush, shelling out more than $26 million of the total $39 million he and his PACs have raised.       

The Center For Responsive Politics contributed to this report.   

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