Officers surprise burglary victims with Disneyland trip (VIDEO)

Today Officer Bledsoe and Officer Aiello presented a family with a very special Christmas gift. Amanda and her two children were the victims of a burglary. Part of their loss was money she had put away to take her two children to Disneyland. Officer Bledsoe and Officer Aiello took it upon themselves to reach out to other members of the department and raise $ 2000 so the family could go on their planed trip to Disneyland this holiday season.When Amanda arrived at the police department during our holiday food and gift giveaway, she believed she was looking at a photo lineup of a possible suspect in the crime. What you're about to see is something that I believe will bring tears to your eyes!Sincerely, Chief Allan Cantando

Posted by Antioch Police Department on Saturday, December 19, 2015

One California familyโ€™s dreams of taking a trip to Disneyland for Christmas were destroyed in an instant when they found themselves the victims of a burglary, the thieves making off with the $2,000 they had saved for the trip.

But the investigating officers โ€“ Officer Bledsoe and Officer Aiello โ€“ decided to take action and solicited donations throughout the department to replace the stolen money. Then, on Saturday, officers called in the mother and her children for a โ€œphoto lineup,โ€ but when they arrived, they found out they would be going to Disneyland after all.

[ Antioch Police Department ]

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