'Star Wars' fan builds Millennium Falcon with 7,500 LEGO pieces

LEGO Millennium FalconLEGO Millennium FalconLEGO Millennium FalconLEGO Millennium Falcon

Marshal Banana, a Star Wars super fan and LEGO enthusiast, has combined two of his loves to create a Millennium Falcon made up of more than 7,500 LEGO pieces.

Marshal spent the last year building the creation, which towers LEGO’s largest ever building set – the 5,000-piece UCS Falcon – by a good 50 percent. Marshal’s Falcon measures almost three feet, weighs as much as a small child at 22 pounds, has engines that light up and gun wells.

Of course, LEGO produced their own boxed version of The Force Awakens’ Falcon, but at just over 1,300 pieces, it’s just kinda “meh” compared to Marshal’s.

See more of Marshal’s marvelous creations here.

[ The Brothers Brick ]

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