Canadian bros add roman candles to drone and get to stepping (VIDEOS)

Things get boring in Ontario in the winter so a group of technologically enhanced Canucks found a use for some surplus roman candles, a GoPro and a quad-copter.

Constance Bay, Ontario’s Andy Stewart first taped a single roman candle to his multi-rotor then decided to see if a friend could catch the low grade pyrotechnics (not advisable, don’t try this at home) after lighting the firework off with a blowtorch. The results are in the video above.

Then, Stewart went big with double the candles and allowed the friend who took the first hits to pilot the drone while he and another bro beat feet across the snow (really not advisable, don’t try this at home or someone else’s) while wearing swim trunks.  Snow’s out/gun’s out.

The epic results are in the video below.

Note that while legislation is in the works to ban (private) weaponized unmanned air vehicles in some parts of the states, its all perfectly legal in Ontario, otherwise apparently known as the last bastion of DGAF.

Oh, Canada.

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