F16 toy plays Islamic pilgrimage prayer rather than jet noises (VIDEO)

A plastic F16 made in China that lights up and plays sounds came pre-programed to drop a Muslim prayer spoken during pilgrimages to Mecca instead.

The toy, made by China-based WolVol is described as the “Bump & Go Action Electric F16 Military Fighter Jet Aircraft Airplane Toy with Lights and Sounds” on Amazon.

While a number of majority Islamic countries and U.S. allies such as Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan and the UAE fly F-16s, the company contends the soundtrack is unintentional and there was some sort of mix up in the factory.

Some of the Amazon reviews have been mixed.

Purchaser Rusty Shackleford noted, “A salam alaikum! Wanting to purchase a toy for your little mujahid but don’t know what to get? Well, look no more. This jet plays your favorite halal tunes like ‘Iraq Lobster’ and ‘We Built This City (On Sharia)’ I heard about this toy from Hussain, our local morality police officer. His son can’t stop playing with it. A perfect Ramadan gift for all those hard-to-shop-for brothers and sisters!”

Amazon notes the toy is currently unavailable.

[ Seattle Times ]

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