Shooting victim King Louie says the devil is working overtime in Chicago (VIDEO)

Less than a week after being shot seven times while sitting in his car in Chicago, the rapper known as King Louie spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon on the epidemic of violence.

Lemon asked Louie, who still has three slugs in his body – two in his chest and one in his head – what’s going on in Chicago. Louie’s response was simple.

“The devil’s working overtime, that’s what’s going on in Chicago,” Louie said, but also added there’s still hope for the city.

“We just gotta be strong, pray for our city and the right people gotta do the right things,” he said.

Louie, who was released from the hospital on his birthday, said he feels “blessed” given that he only took seven of the 22 shots that were fired into his car.

[ CNN ]

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