Last survivor of the USS Oklahoma dies at 95 (VIDEO)

The last remaining survivor who was aboard the USS Oklahoma when it was bombed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, died Saturday night surrounded by his family at his home in Oklahoma.

Those who knew 95-year-old Ed Vezey said he was one of the finest Americans who have ever lived. Vezey helped to establish a memorial for the USS Oklahoma in Hawaii and volunteered countless hours to help other veterans and his community as a whole.

“He had an incredible sense of what was going on. He was a very intelligent man,” said Scotty “Dee” Deatherage, adding that the cherished memories are important to fellow Oklahomans.

Vezey was serving aboard the USS Oklahoma on that fateful day in Hawaii when 429 men lost their lives on that one ship alone. Altogether, more than 2,400 servicemen were killed and nearly 1,200 more injured.

“When it capsized for several days, couple of weeks, as they were trying to rescue those sailors, they could hear the hammers from the trapped inside to let them know they were still alive. But they couldn’t get to them,” Deatherage said. “The agony of knowing that those men are going to be there forever, those who survived carried that with them.”

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