Quite possibly the most bizarre murder-suicide ever

murder suicide

Divers recover suitcases containing the woman’s dismembered body parts.

Authorities in Austria discovered the remains of an elderly couple in a Traunsee lake Monday in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

A postmortem examination indicates the woman was strangled some time over the last week and the man died shortly thereafter. Authorities say it appears the man killed the woman, dismembered her and placed her body parts in multiple suitcases which were tossed in the lake. However, her head was found encased in a block of concrete, which the man had used as a weight in order to drown himself.

According to investigators, there was no indication that a third person was involved. They said the couple was from Germany, the man was 72 years old and his wife was 71, but otherwise did not identify the couple.

[ The Guardian ]

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