Vet with combat service? Really dig nuclear materials? We have a job for you!

Vet with combat service Really dig nuclear materials We have a job for you

Is it just us, or is that a really weird mix of gear? Anyway, ATOMICS! (Photo: National Nuclear Security Administration)

The U.S. Department of Energy is looking for a few vets with a certain set of skills to help babysit nuclear materials. And by babysit, we mean be ready to make it rain.

Posted last week through are open positions for “Nuclear Materials Couriers.” These federal agents work for the National Nuclear Security Administration (that’s NNSA, not NASA) and basically cruise the country on the low-low escorting things that will make you glow in the dark or turn into glass that glows in the dark.

“Nuclear Materials Couriers are authorized by the Atomic Energy Act to make warrantless arrests and carry firearms in the performance of their duties,” which sounds kinda spooky, but then again we are talking about atomics here.

Currently the jobs are just open in Albuquerque, NM but, as the recruiter for the positions mentions on Linkedin, “If you are not interested in the Albuquerque Command we plan to post once again in April or May, 2016 for a different location (Oak Ridge, TN or Amarillo, TX).”

The catch is that the job is open for Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA)-eligible vets only with a heavy leaning towards people who have seen the elephant and have the DD-214 to prove it.

“Combat Experience is not a requirement, but as you clearly observed, the background experience noted in the usajobs posting description leans heavily toward combat as being the most surefire way to meeting these requirements,” says the recruiter though future job posting may be open to civilian law enforcement and security professionals.

The gig pays $44,342.00 – $70,116.00 per year. If selected, you get to spend 21 weeks in training, mostly in beautiful and exotic Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas then get to ride shotgun, literally, with some very testy passengers.

What’s not to like?

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