Gun shop owner ponies up custom AR-15 to Trump during NH visit (VIDEOS)

A New Hampshire gun shop owner gifted a brand-new custom rifle to GOP contender Donald Trump– and was able to get a ton of free publicity from CNN in the process.

Mark Limoges, an ardent supporter not only of Trump but also of the Second Amendment, came up with the idea to present the businessman and entertainer turned prospective White House resident an AR-15 built in house. The serial number, 145, assigned to it as Trump is Limoges’ first choice for the 45th President as explained in the video above.

In the video below, while being grilled on his thoughts on the right to bear arms and President Obama, Limoges holds one of his AR-15s at port arms the entire length of the five minute video as a reference to the gun he donated.

While some media outlets threw rocks at Limoges for holding the rifle, calling it an “armed standoff” though he was in a remote studio from those interviewing him and comparing the gun shop owner to a First Order stormtrooper, he still got his product on CNN for a free five minute commercial, leaving us wondering in the end just who is laughing the hardest.

Excuse us as Mark Limoges gets the slow clap and thumbs up, we saw what you did there, sir.

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