Feds nab top Bandidos for drugs, racketeering (VIDEO)

The Justice Department announced Wednesday the arrest of the three highest ranked leaders of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization for federal racketeering and drugs charges.

Charged with federal racketeering, drug distribution and other counts are Bandidos National President Jeffrey Fay Pike, 60, National Vice President John Xavier Portillo, 56, and National Sergeant at Arms Justin Cole Forster, 31. They are accused of orchestrating and approving actions related to a three-year “war” with rival gangs and the distribution of methamphetamine.

“The defendants will have their day in court, but today’s arrests have struck a significant blow to the Bandidos’ criminal enterprise,” U.S. Attorney Richard Durbin said in a statement.

[ Department of JusticeABC 13 ]

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