Hickok45 is back! Discusses temporary shutdown (VIDEO)

UPDATE: The channel was shutdown again. Read more about it here.

After their channel was temporarily shutdown, Hickok45 and son discussed their day restoring their popular channel and the likely mishaps that led to the conflict.

Google shut the channel down for violating its policies, but restored it just after lunch Wednesday. Looking back, Hickok45 said they don’t blame Google or YouTube. However, the actual issues were still unclear and they reasoned that the cause was an automated system enforcing broad policies.

In a statement Wednesday, Hickok45 said the violation was related to his Google+ account, which he didn’t know he had, and videos automatically being posted within a network.  Google+ is a type of networking functionality attached to gmail and YouTube accounts.

The Hickok45 is one of the most famous firearm-related YouTube channels with more than 1.8 million subscribers and more than 468 million views.

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