Body cam footage shows suspect ignored more than 20 commands (VIDEO)

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently released New Year’s Eve footage from an officer’s body cam which shows officers gave at least two dozen commands before fatally shooting a suspect who was believed to be armed at the time.

Local law enforcement received information from the U.S. Marshals that 23-year-old Keith Childress Jr. was wanted for attempted murder in relation to a Phoenix-area home invasion and should be considered armed and dangerous, information which later was found to be false.

The marshals discovered Childress was staying with a relative in Las Vegas. Days after tracking Childress, on December 31, marshals attempted to make contact with him, but Childress fled on foot. At such time, the marshals called for backup from local law enforcement.

Sgt. Robert Bohanon, with the Metro PD, again located Childress and attempted to make contact with him. Bohanon’s body cam footage shows the officer giving Childress at least 24 commands, which went ignored.

Then, when Childress turned and walked straight toward the responding officers with his right hand in his pocket the entire time, he was repeatedly told stop, drop the gun and get on the ground, and even warned he would be shot if he continued to advance toward the officers. Again, the commands went ignored and as Childress came closer, Bohanan and Officer Blake Walford opened fire on Childress, striking him five times.

Childress was pronounced dead at the scene.

After searching Childress, officers discovered he had a cell phone in his pocket, not a gun, and while he did have a warrant out for his arrest, he was not, in fact, wanted for murder.

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