'Crackdown on Deadbeat Gun Dealers Act' introduced in House

A measure to add “greater accountability” to licensed gun dealers has been reintroduced in Congress.

The bill, with the sensational title “Crackdown on Deadbeat Gun Dealers Act of 2016,” was introduced on Jan. 8 by Rep. Jim Langevin, a Democrat from the 2nd district of Rhode Island.

According to the language in H.R. 4356, the measure would add more inspectors to oversee gun dealers, harshen the penalties for dealers that break the law, and require federal regulators to report activity to Congress.

The bill was assigned to the House Judiciary and so far no other congressman has co-sponsored the bill.

The bill echoes goals President Obama expressed in the executive actions he issued last week in an effort to improve the federal background check system. Part of his plan, Obama listed adding 200 agents and inspectors to the agency tasked with enforcing federal gun laws.

Langevin applauded the President for his ongoing efforts to curb gun violence.

“They are important steps, and I commend the President and Vice President for their continued focus on this ongoing crisis,” he said on the House floor.

Along with Langevin’s bill, 11 other bills were introduced in the House last week, many of which responses to the President’s executive actions.

A version of Langevin’s bill was originally introduced to Congress on Jan. 14, 2013, a month after the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook that sparked a national debate on guns. That bill gained the support of 24 co-sponsors, all Democrats, but ultimately died in Congress.

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