Footage of the Ruger Silent-SR in action (VIDEO)

Seeing as Ruger has made something on the order of 12 million rimfire guns in the past half-century or so, it only made sense to start producing their own suppressors in-house.

That was the logic behind introducing the company’s first NFA-compliant firearms suppressor which debuted quietly last week. The $500-ish screw-on titanium can, in standard 1/2x28TPI threads, gets a quick intro in the video above featuring Sturm, Ruger’s  CEO Mike Fifer and American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe.

We have to give Amer. Rifleman a thumbs up for not shredding a SICK music clip over the sound of the suppressor kicking off as we so often see in other vids of mufflers in action. Nothing makes you want to drop a half-K or more on a can than barely hearing it through a Red Bull commercial background tunes.

Plus the can looks so sweet, we won’t even point out how bad Fifer’s trigger slap is. Wait…whoops.

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