Go on the raid for El Chapo with helmet cam footage from Mexican Marines (VIDEO)

Footage has surfaced of the raid by Mexican Federal Police and Marines that led to the capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman last weekend.

The ground assault element of Operation Cisne Negro (Black Swan) starts with what seems like a pretty hairy firefight at the entrance to the Hotel Doux (rated #1 of 8 B&Bs / Inns in Los Mochis by Trip Advisor!) followed by some hallway work and finally penetration of El Chapo’s living areas.

Through a good bit of suppressive fire and a ruck load of flash grenades, its easy to see why the narcos took six KIA despite having access to some legit firepower while the Marines only had one injury (seen getting help from a corpsman on camera who repeatedly tells the man to be tranquilo). We guess later he got a big bottle of Motrin and was told to stay hydrated.

You can see U.S. aid at work in the Marines with their MICH helmets, M4/203 combos with ACOGs and EOs (and we spotted at least one PEQ-15). However, its looks like they are still on a shoestring if you note the lack of NVGs, commo gear and use of old school mags.

Still, it looks like Marines in general, even if they are from a different tribe, are all fluent in delivering a beat down when needed.

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